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Who is CGC?

Founded in 2017, Common Ground Collective (CGC) is a Maui-based non-profit organization that is working hard to promote food security and economic opportunity through education and capacity-building assistance. To accomplish its mission, normally CGC provides harvesting and administrative services to agricultural landowners. CGC’s services aim to fill gaps in the agricultural sector by increasing farm productivity through the use of regenerative farming practices and effectively pairing landowners of underutilized agricultural land with the resources necessary to put the land into production.

Impact Tracker

50,074 lbs.

Produce Harvested

17,323 lbs.

Produce Sold


Harvest Visits

32,751 lbs.

Produce Donated


Clients Served


Our Impact

Since its inception, Common Ground Collective has collaborated with residents, businesses, and community organizations to build the infrastructure and networks needed to create a new backyard-to-market supply chain for the regional food system. CGC develops relationships and gains experience working with food insecure communities; collaborates with many regional partners to source and distribute food to those in need; engages the community through educational events and volunteer workdays; is deeply connected to the ‘āina; and empowers residents to become more food self-reliant.

Foster Farming

Foster Farming empowers community members to build a thriving local food system through Maui’s backyard-to-market supply chain.  Build a more sustainable food system for Maui, starting with the low-hanging fruit -- literally. 

Haʻikū House

Common Ground Community Garden

The Haiku House Common Ground Community Garden nurtures neighborhood connections and fosters food security. 

Local Food Promotion Project

The Local Food Promotion Project aims to bridge the divide between homegrown food and Maui’s wholesale and retail markets.  

Fire Relief

Working to ensure that families are nourished and local farmers can thrive as our community begins healing and rebuilding in the aftermath of the 2023 fires.

Produce Boxes

Common Ground Collective's food box program ensures that Maui families always have access to nutritious, locally-grown fruits and veggies.

Community Building

Empowering community members with the knowledge and skill sets to grow a more food secure future for our island.  

Your Generosity, Maui's Growth

Every step Common Ground Collective takes towards a sustainable and nourished Maui begins with your generosity.

With each donation, you're directly seeding a future of abundance and resilience for all on Maui. Your support is not just a donation; it's a commitment to community, land and prosperity.

Join us - Transform generosity into thriving growth!

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