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The Maui Wildfires have taken a great toll on our community, and the community food security needs immediately surged. On August 9th, the onset of the fires the Salvation Army kitchen burned down and Common Ground Collective (CGC) was contacted by Maui because Salvation Army is the state contracted food provider during times of emergency. On August 9th we immediately acquired the kitchen at University of Hawaii Maui College (UHMC), coordinated UHMC staff, various government agencies, Chef Hui and World Central Kitchen in order to begin providing meals for those in need both in shelters and out in the community at various community hubs. We have been working to incorporate products from local producers as much as possible to help offset the economic fall out of this disaster.


Since August 9th, 2023:


  • CGC has coordinated over 230,000 hot meals for those in need. 

  • CGC has and will continue to help with procurement of local produce, proteins and added
    value products needed for community 
    distribution hubs who are providing food and supplies for Fire Impacted individuals and families.

  • Has provided over 15,000 food and produce boxes to Fire Impacted individuals and Families. 

  • CGC continues to run its existing programs that promote food security island-wide.

If you would like to support our efforts, please consider making a donation.

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