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Common Ground Collective's Foster Farming Project

CGC's Foster Farming project is now offering weekly harvesting services to Upcountry, North Shore, Central and South Maui. 
Landowners get to decide if they would like to donate their produce or sell their produce. Produce donations will have donation receipts provided and will go to support the mission of Common Ground Collective or will be donated to other community organizations to help support their missions and get healthy produce to food insecure individuals. If you choose to sell the produce, we have a 40% of sales service charge to help cover our costs and support the program. Sales of produce will be dependent of if there is a market for the produce and/or the quality of the produce.


How it Works

Due to the nature of the project, which includes harvesting trees or plants that vary in size and efforts to harvest, we are not able to set specific appointments times. Once you sign up, our Foster Farming Project Manager will contact you to schedule our gleaning service. You do not need to be onsite for us to harvest, but we understand if you would like to be present so no worries either way. Once our Project Manager set the routes for the day, they will inform you that you are confirmed for that day and you will also receive a courtesy call to inform you that your property will be next up during the scheduled harvest day, to minimize the waiting around time for you.

What Is Needed From You

Please click the link and fill out the services sign-up form below, that will be sent to you when the service is confirmed. The day of harvesting you will need to make sure that our Project Manager will be granted access to the property, best loading areas for harvesting and that any animals be secured for both their safety and ours. Please make sure that any areas that need to be harvested are free of obstacles that may pose a threat or hinder the ability to harvest. Trees that are over-grown may only be partially harvest, we will do the best of our ability to harvest without the use of special equipment like lifts to get as much of the product as possible without risking damage to the tree or our harvester.

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