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Our Mission Statement

The mission of Common Ground Collective is to increase food security, economic and educational opportunities in Maui county through hands-on assistance and education. 




The Common Ground Collective Vision

  It our vison at Common Ground Collective to transform Maui into a bountiful and productive island that benefits both the environment and the people who live here, for generations to come. Through the promotion of agricultural/ business education in real-life settings, and hands-on assistance; we will help to elevate distressed and underprivileged members of community that are not otherwise able to receive assistance or obtain education in these areas. By spreading awareness, education and providing assistance, we will work to increase food security and economic opportunities here in our beautiful island community and set-up the framework to bring this model to other much deserving areas in Hawaii and abroad.


Common Ground Collective is creating a space where anyone with land, a farm or Agricultural related business or aspirations of farming can find the help and connections they need to be more successful. We are striving to fill in the gaps in Maui’s Agricultural sector to boost local food production, increase economic security, promote environmental education and increase the use of regenerative farming practices.

CGC strives to fill in gaps in the Agricultural Sector by;

● Teaching community members, volunteers, and interns how to grow food.

● Providing essential knowledge and hands-on training for the efficient management of properties.

● Promoting food security and increased economic opportunity on Maui.

● Promoting and providing resources for the Native Hawaiian Community.

● Creating and nurturing connections with local farmers and businesses.

● Working with local businesses to distribute locally grown produce and products out to participating markets for purchase.

● Connecting landowners, farmers and businesses with key organizations and various opportunities they may not know about.

● Providing and showing various incentives for the landowners to start and keep producing.

● Utilizing regenerative farming practices to strengthen health and biodiversity in the local ecosystems.

● Focusing on mindful resource use and working with nature rather than against it in order to protect natural resources.

Common Ground Collective’s Goals
  1. Create food security while minimizing the use of natural resources and reversing the effects of past environmental degradation.

  2. Promote education vertically and horizontally throughout the community to promote healthier lifestyles, thriving natural environments and boost community engagement.

  3. Create long lasting economic and educational opportunities available to residents of Maui.

  4. Elevate the Kanaka Maoli by providing resources, collaboration of education,  and community building.

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