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The Common Ground collective Team is a unique and extremely passionate group of individuals with experience in Sustainable Sciences, Business management, Research, Agriculture, politics, law and the hospitality industry. We want to use our expertise to help our community,  our environment and the current socioeconomic culture.

Our organization strives to teach community members, volunteers, and students how to grow food, and provides essential knowledge and hands-on training for the efficient management of properties, all while creating and nurturing connections within the community in order to successfully get products out to markets for purchase. In these and other ways, Common Ground Collective will provide various incentives for the landowners to start and keep producing.

What is mobile & Foster Farming

Mobile Farming is a model of farming that strives to reduce the environmental impact of food production by utilizing privately owned land to grow food for the community. Mobile farmers are deployed like landscapers on these lots to create installations of gardens, edible landscapes and food forests, then also return for maintenance and harvesting. Once harvested it is distributed into various markets. The aim is to turn unproductive lawns, vacant lots, and under managed existing orchards into beneficial small farms in order to boost local food production and economic security.

Foster Farming  is the is the overseeing of existing farms or orchards that have been previously neglected due to hardships. These farms are brought back to life and then maintained and harvested.

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