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In today’s busy society it becomes almost impossible for an average working landowner to run an operational farm too unless they have a great amount of resources backing them up. We want to be the resource that many are lacking in order to become successful. We are going to give landowners the opportunity to pick and choose what help they need and have it all available to them in one place. There will be no need for them to search out services from various providers, we will have everything organized for them in one place and will problem-solve on their behalves.

We will also be working hard to foster connections within the community and help identify production and market gaps so that we may be able to help address them. While also providing educational opportunities in various aspects of our organization. 

Administrative Services
Education & Community Outreach
  • Help finding and securing tax credits, grants and/or loans.

  • Facilitating market connections (sales or added-value products)

  • Agricultural Data Management

  • Permaculture Land Design and Crop Selection

  • Research

  • Business Development (Farm & added-value products)

  • Help understanding and navigating local, state & federal regulations.

  • Internships

  • Educational workshops

  • Volunteer opportunities & Hands-on training

  • Organization / Business partnerships & building

  • Community engagement

  • Scheduled Farm help 

Coming Soon....

Mobile & Foster Farming


  • Ready to grow beds

  • Fruit trees

  • Full foodscaping

  • Foster farms

  • Irrigation

  • Lighting

  • Maintenance

  • Weeding

  • Feeding

  • Monitoring plant health

  • IPM

  • Harvesting

  • Continual harvesting of crop while producing

  • Preparing for next crop

  • Delivering produce to market or buyers

  • Tracking harvest information

  • Emergency Farm Help

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