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Who we are

Founded in 2017, Common Ground Collective (CGC) is a nonprofit working to nourish Maui families and build a more secure food future for generations to come. Our programs aim to foster a thriving local food system through hands-on education, harvesting, and community building to strengthen the connection between Maui's backyards and bellies.

Impact Tracker

157,000 lbs.

Produce Harvested

$1.27 Million

2023 Spending with
Hawaiʻi Owned Businesses

66,961 lbs.

Produce Sold

90,683 lbs.

Produce Donated


2023 Spending with Maui Food Producers


Maui Harvest Visits


Maui Clients Served

What we do

Our Programs

From nourishing out community in the aftermath of the August 2023 fires to transforming untended land into blossoming small farms, our range of programs aim to grow local food production, bolster economic security, and nurture both Maui's families and ʻāina. We strive to elevate community members through promotion of agricultural business education in real-life settings and hands-on assistance.

Your Generosity, Maui's Growth

Every step Common Ground Collective takes towards a sustainable and nourished Maui begins with your generosity.

With each donation, you're directly seeding a future of abundance and resilience for all on Maui. Your support is not just a donation; it's a commitment to community, land and prosperity.

Join us - Transform generosity into thriving growth!

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