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Community Building

Empowering Community

We at Common Ground Collective believe it is our kuleana to work toward educating community members about the steps that we can all take to foster food security and build a more sustainable future for our island home. Whether we're working with students at The Pāʻia Youth & Cultural Center to put on public service announcements on the youth-led radio station or speaking with property owners at the Kula Community Association about barriers for local agricultural producers, our team is dedicated to empowering Maui residents with the knowledge and awareness to make impactful changes for our food system.

During 2023, Common Ground Collective hosted school groups and provided internships, in addition to participating and presenting in various educational and outreach events including the Hawaiʻi Food Systems Summit, Maui Nut 2023 Food Summit, Hawaiʻi Farmers Union United community meetings, Kula Community Association, Maui Ag Fest & Livestock Fair, and Haʻikū Community Association.

Hope to see you at similar events this year!

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