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Local Food Promotion Project

Our Local Food and Market Connections

We all know that farming itself is hard work, so that's why Common Ground Collective stepped in to break down additional barriers for Maui food growers who want to bring their produce to market. With a goal to connect local food producers with wholesalers and retailers, Common Ground Collective launched the Local Food Promotion Project in XX year XX to help backyard foster farms sell the fruits of their labor. The goal: bring 60,000 pounds to market in the first three years. 

Common Ground Collective easily accomplished that first target, and since then, the program has evolved to bring widespread impact to Maui's agricultural sector and local food system. In 2023, we facilitated 45 new partnerships between food producers and supply networks, provided valuable market knowledge to 69 producers, and reduced on-farm food waste for 24 ag landowners by linking them with composters. Whether there's a new farmer who's not sure of where to sell limes or a long established grocery store seeking a steady supply of kalo, Common Ground Collective helps to make the connections between farms and markets.

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